117+ Positive New Moon Affirmations with PDF

In the vast cosmic dance of celestial bodies, there’s one phenomenon that has intrigued and captivated humans for centuries—the New Moon. This powerful lunar event marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle, symbolizing fresh starts and infinite possibilities. What makes the New Moon even more fascinating is its potential to amplify the effects of affirmations, which are powerful statements that can shape our thoughts, beliefs, and ultimately, our lives. In this article, we’ll explore the world of New Moon Affirmations, offering insights, guidance, and a treasure trove of 117+ affirmations tailored to various aspects of life. Get ready to harness the mystical energy of the New Moon as we dive into the realm of transformative positivity.

What is New Moon Affirmations?

New Moon Affirmations are profound statements or declarations of intent that are specifically crafted and practiced during the New Moon phase of the lunar cycle. This phase is characterized by the moon appearing as a slender crescent, transitioning from darkness to light, symbolizing new beginnings and opportunities. These affirmations harness the unique energy of the New Moon to help individuals set clear intentions, release negativity, and attract positive changes into their lives.

Tips To Write New Moon Affirmations

Crafting effective New Moon Affirmations requires a blend of intention, creativity, and alignment with the lunar cycle. Here are five essential tips to help you write powerful affirmations for the New Moon:

  • Set Clear Intentions: Begin by identifying your goals and desires. Your affirmations should be specific, leaving no room for ambiguity.
  • Use Positive Language: Phrase your affirmations positively, focusing on what you want to manifest rather than what you want to avoid.
  • Be Present and Affirmative: Frame your affirmations in the present tense, as if they are already happening in your life.
  • Visualize Your Goals: As you recite your affirmations, vividly picture yourself living the life you desire. Visualization enhances the effectiveness of your affirmations.
  • Keep It Concise: Make your affirmations concise and easy to remember. They should resonate with you on a deep level.

By following these tips, you’ll create New Moon Affirmations that resonate with your soul, amplifying their transformative power.

Best New Moon Affirmations

  • I am a magnet for abundance and prosperity.
  • Love flows effortlessly into my life.
  • My body is a temple of health and vitality.
  • I attract harmonious relationships.
  • I am filled with boundless creativity and inspiration.
  • Inner peace radiates from within me.
  • I release all past hurts and embrace forgiveness.
  • Every day, I grow stronger and wiser.
  • I trust in the divine timing of the universe.
  • Joy and happiness are my birthright.
  • I am worthy of success and achievement.
  • My heart is open to receive endless blessings.
  • I am a source of positivity and light.
  • I am in perfect alignment with my life’s purpose.
  • The universe conspires to bring my dreams to fruition.

These affirmations are like seeds of positivity that, when nurtured, blossom into a life of abundance and fulfillment.

Positive New Moon Affirmations

Positive New Moon Affirmations

  • I radiate positivity and attract it in return.
  • My thoughts are a wellspring of optimism.
  • I embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.
  • Every day is a new chance to shine.
  • I am a beacon of love and compassion.
  • Confidence and self-belief are my companions.
  • I am in harmony with the universe.
  • I trust in my inner wisdom.
  • My heart is a reservoir of kindness.
  • Abundance flows into my life effortlessly.
  • I am a source of inspiration for others.
  • I am grounded, centered, and at peace.
  • I am surrounded by love and support.
  • Miracles manifest in my life daily.
  • I am a co-creator of my destiny.

Positivity begets positivity, and these affirmations infuse your life with the vibrant energy of optimism.

New Moon Affirmations for July 2023

  • This July, I embrace new opportunities with open arms.
  • I am ready to experience profound growth this month.
  • July brings me joy, abundance, and inner peace.
  • I release all that no longer serves me this July.
  • My July is filled with laughter and cherished moments.
  • I am aligned with the cosmic energies of July.
  • This month, I manifest my heart’s deepest desires.
  • I am open to receiving the blessings of July.
  • July’s energy propels me towards success.
  • I am grateful for the transformations July brings.
  • My intentions for July manifest effortlessly.
  • I embrace the warmth and light of July.
  • This month, I radiate love and positivity.
  • I am in sync with the celestial rhythms of July.
  • July showers me with abundance and love.

New Moon Affirmations for Love

  • Love flows to me in abundance and harmony.
  • My heart is open to give and receive love.
  • I am deserving of a deep and fulfilling love.
  • Love surrounds me and fills my life with joy.
  • I attract a partner who cherishes and supports me.
  • My relationships are filled with trust and affection.
  • I radiate love and positivity, drawing love to me.
  • Love is a beautiful and integral part of my life.
  • I release past wounds and make space for love.
  • I am grateful for the love that fills my heart.
  • Love is a powerful force that transforms my life.
  • I am a magnet for loving and meaningful connections.
  • Love nurtures and sustains my soul.
  • I am worthy of the love I desire and deserve.
  • My heart overflows with love for myself and others.

These affirmations are a beacon for love, inviting it to flourish in your life.

Best New Moon Affirmations

New Moon Affirmations For Her

  • I am a strong and empowered woman.
  • My dreams and goals are within my reach.
  • I am confident in my abilities and decisions.
  • I embrace my femininity with grace and pride.
  • I am a source of inspiration to those around me.
  • My inner strength guides me through challenges.
  • I am deserving of love, respect, and happiness.
  • I am in tune with my intuition and wisdom.
  • I radiate beauty from the inside out.
  • I am a nurturing and compassionate soul.
  • I celebrate my uniqueness and individuality.
  • I trust the journey of self-discovery.
  • I am open to receiving the abundance of life.
  • I am a creator of positive change in the world.
  • I am a woman of substance and purpose.

Empower yourself with these affirmations tailored to the strength and grace of womanhood.

New Moon Affirmations For Him

Certainly, here are 15 New Moon Affirmations tailored for the strength and aspirations of men:

  • I am a confident and resilient man.
  • My determination leads me to success.
  • I am a role model of integrity and honor.
  • I embrace my masculinity with pride and purpose.
  • I inspire those around me with my actions.
  • My inner power guides me through challenges.
  • I am deserving of love, respect, and fulfillment.
  • I trust my intuition and wisdom in all decisions.
  • I radiate strength and positivity from within.
  • I am a provider and protector of my loved ones.
  • I celebrate my uniqueness and individuality.
  • I embrace personal growth and self-improvement.
  • I am open to receiving abundance in all aspects of life.
  • I am a catalyst for positive change in the world.
  • I am a man of substance, purpose, and compassion.

These affirmations are designed to empower men on their journey to success, self-discovery, and fulfillment.

Night New Moon Affirmations

  • I am grateful for the experiences of the day.
  • The night brings me a sense of peace and reflection.
  • I release all worries and concerns before sleep.
  • My dreams are filled with positivity and inspiration.
  • I am open to receiving guidance from my dreams.
  • The night’s rest rejuvenates my body and soul.
  • I am surrounded by a blanket of tranquility.
  • I trust in the wisdom of the universe.
  • I am ready to embrace a night of deep sleep.
  • I am in harmony with the cosmic energies of the night.
  • The night’s serenity nourishes my spirit.
  • I am aligned with the healing power of sleep.
  • I let go of the past day with ease.
  • My mind is at peace as I drift into slumber.
  • I am grateful for the restful night ahead.

Prepare your mind and spirit for a peaceful night’s sleep with these Night New Moon Affirmations.

Spiritual New Moon Affirmations

  • My life is a journey of continuous growth and transformation.
  • I trust that the universe has a divine plan for me.
  • I am open to receiving the abundance of the cosmos.
  • Love and positivity flow through every aspect of my existence.
  • I am a co-creator of my reality and destiny.

These longer affirmations serve as powerful reminders of your connection to the universe and your role in shaping your life.

When & Where To Use New Moon Affirmations

  • Timing: The New Moon occurs approximately once every 29.5 days, marking the beginning of a new lunar cycle. It’s best to use New Moon affirmations within a day or two of the actual New Moon. You can find the exact date and time of the New Moon in your local time zone using a lunar calendar or online resources.
  • Environment: Find a quiet and peaceful space where you can focus and connect with your intentions. This could be a dedicated meditation area, a cozy corner in your home, or even outdoors in nature. Choose a place where you feel comfortable and can minimize distractions.
  • Preparation: Before using New Moon affirmations, it can be helpful to engage in a grounding practice such as deep breathing, meditation, or journaling. This will help you clear your mind, center yourself, and create a receptive state for affirmations.
  • Affirmation Ritual: Create a ritual that resonates with you. Light candles, burn incense, or use crystals to enhance the energy of your space. You may also want to write down your affirmations on a piece of paper or in a journal. Some people prefer to speak their affirmations out loud, while others find it effective to silently repeat them in their mind.
  • Affirmation Content: Craft affirmations that are aligned with your intentions and desires. Focus on positive statements that reflect what you want to manifest in your life. For example, if you’re seeking abundance, you could affirm, “I am open to receiving abundance in all areas of my life.” Tailor your affirmations to your specific goals and aspirations.

Different Types of New Moon Affirmations & Examples

Customize your New Moon Affirmations to suit your specific goals and intentions.

Free New Moon Affirmations PDF Download Below

Discover the transformative power of New Moon Affirmations and unlock your true potential. Harness the energy of the lunar cycle to set intentions, manifest your desires, and cultivate a positive mindset. Our printable PDF guide is your key to embracing the magic of the New Moon, providing you with a collection of carefully crafted affirmations that will empower and uplift you. Download now and embark on a journey of self-discovery and manifestation like never before. Let the New Moon guide you towards a life filled with abundance, joy, and fulfillment.


In the enchanting realm of the New Moon, where the cosmic energies are ripe for transformation, New Moon Affirmations serve as the catalysts for positive change. Whether you seek love, abundance, self-discovery, or personal growth, these affirmations are your keys to unlock the limitless potential of the universe. Harness the lunar magic, set your intentions, and watch as the New Moon guides you on a journey of self-empowerment and fulfillment. Embrace the transformative power of New Moon Affirmations and let your life shine with the brilliance of lunar energy.

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